DAMASCO (DArk Matter Analytical Spectral COde) is a ROOT-based implementation of dark matter WIMP annihilation photon spectra for the most frequently considered dark matter annihilation channels from Cembranos et al. PRD 83:083507, 2011 (arXiv:1009.4936).

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Download DAMASCO

Some brief requirements and instructions:

  • The code was written under ROOT v5.26/00. In order to run it, ROOT has to be installed in your machine (see how to install ROOT here).
  • If you already have a ROOT version running in your computer, type in your command line:

                > root 'damasco.C(your_WIMP_mass_in_GeV)'

  • Mind the valid WIMP mass range for each channel!
Channel Energy min. [GeV]
 Energy max. [GeV] 
 Tau  25  50000
 50  8000
 Muon  25  50000
 W  100  100000
 Top  200  1000

Up to now, annihilations to tau leptons, or mu leptons, or b quarks, or top quarks, or W bosons are implemented in DAMASCO. The rest of channels can be found in Cembranos et al. webpage (Mathematica).

For further information contact D. Nieto here.